I don't mind people enjoying sports. I enjoy watching from time to time, too. But when people get overly emotional about them, I admit I get pretty judgmental. I have to keep from rolling my eyes when people say they're depressed over their team losing or when they pick a fight with another fan over, well, a game. Except... sometimes it's about more than a game for people. And, as judgmental as I can be, sometimes it's about more than a game for me, too. My dad was a huge fan of Kentucky basketball. [ continue reading ... ]

**I originally posted this on March 14, 2016, then recently noticed it disappeared from my site. I'm not sure if my back-dating attempt will work, so if you are an e-mail subscriber and are receiving this one a second time, I apologize! One reaction I have gotten to my engagement is essentially: "Oh good! Now Emily won't be alone anymore!" This reaction deeply frustrates me. While it is true that having Tom in my life means I have a go-to person when I need support, it does not make past lack [ continue reading ... ]

This post started as a reflection on saying good-bye to the house that my parents have owned since I was three years old. But, as reflections are wont to do, it began to take a different path, a path that recognized a contrast within who I am. Sometimes it takes a landmark occasion to prompt you to put words to something like that. Several days ago, as I fell asleep in the room I slept in as a young child, I recalled figments of my childhood imagination. I loved the story of Peter Pan. I [ continue reading ... ]

I'm all for thoughtful conversation. I'm also all for challenging others' preconceptions--in the context of a personal relationship or an appropriate platform. But many times, you just have to let things go.  I seem to be doing this more than usual lately. Probably, the "more than usual" is because I'm planning a wedding. While I encounter these situations somewhat regularly in regards to issues I'm passionate about (like education, mental/emotional struggles, singleness, or Christianity), [ continue reading ... ]

During the first few months of writing my blog, I was also training for my first full marathon. So, a number of my initial posts were about--or at least mentioned--running. I began to notice that those running-related posts didn't get as much attention as posts on other topics. I mentioned this to a friend, and she jokingly suggested I deceptively title any posts that discussed exercise... like "How to Be a Couch Potato." All of that to say: It is with some hesitation that I write this post. [ continue reading ... ]

I have been thinking pretty much all year about writing this newsletter. My first honest holiday newsletter was a helpful way for me to process the year's events. Many readers appreciated my attempt at a realistic depiction of the joys, struggles, and tedium that a year entails. Knowing I wanted to write a second letter, I often wondered how I would portray this year at its end. Sometimes, I was tempted to write it early, so as not to have so much to think about at once. But I didn't, and [ continue reading ... ]

I feel remiss that I have not written a post about Christmas and the holiday season this year. Believe me, there has been plenty rattling around in my brain about it, but I haven't taken the time to commit it to print. This can be a strange, painful, nutty time. In lieu of having something new to share with you, here are a few of my past pieces that may offer you some encouragement. When Christmas Gets Real A Twist on the Thankfulness Trend When Nothing "Works" We Make Up Stuff About [ continue reading ... ]

As a single person, bridal showers bothered me. Actually, the excessive gift-giving associated with weddings in general bothered me. As I scrimped and struggled along on my own, the contrast between my own experience and the outpouring of material resources to couples was striking. Usually, it didn't make me angry. It mostly just hurt a lot. It hurt that following a socially expected path (getting married) meant people gave you gifts, but if you weren't getting married, you were on your own--in [ continue reading ... ]

  Dearest Readers, I am getting married in the spring. While there is much of my specific personal life that I keep separate from my blog, this is a life event I do not want to pass without me directly addressing you about it. I have written some of my most popular posts from my perspective as a single person. I have also written many posts about the ways the church and society’s emphasis on marriage is damaging to people and relationships of all kinds. So, I want to be honest about [ continue reading ... ]

Yesterday, I ran my second full marathon. Ever since I ran my first marathon, I've been eyeing the calendar, looking for a season that I could once again squeeze in the time-intensive training. This time, I wanted to run my local marathon. I wanted to run along the familiar course, see the familiar sites, and be cheered on by people I knew. This wasn't exactly a season conducive to training. I could just barely visualize the time in my schedule. The school year started, proving to be quite a challenge. [ continue reading ... ]