Recommended Read: Do Singles Need More Christian Dating Advice?

If you follow me on facebook and twitter, you may have seen a piece I shared by Jayson D. Bradley. I neglected to mention it on my blog at the time, but I greatly appreciate and resonate with the piece. I also think it’s great that Jayson wrote it as a married person (AKA a person). There are a handful of wonderful single Christian writers (AKA writers) out there addressing single issues with courage and dignity, but it’s rare that a married Christian writer thoughtfully addresses the single perspective (with a healthy dose of wit!). I highly recommend you take the time to read it and to explore some of his other writings. Here’s the link: Do Singles Need More Christian Dating Advice?

(Jayson and I tweeted a bit back and forth about his piece–and I shared some of my writing with him, too. He said, “How the church treats single drives me batty!” How great it is to know others are paying attention. Here’s another excellent piece: Isn’t It Time The Church Gave Singles a Break?).

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