Runaway Radical (Book Review)

I recently had the opportunity to read and review a new book, Runaway Radical: A Young Man’s Reckless Journey to Save the World.  It’s co-authored by one of my favorite authors, Amy Hollingsworth  (The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers), and her son, Jonathan Hollingsworth.  The book tells the story of Jonathan’s mission trip to Cameroon.  It’s the type of story that usually doesn’t get told, because it’s not a “success” story.  It’s not even a “realizing God was calling you elsewhere” story.  It’s a story of spiritual abuse.  It’s a story of what happens when Christians are more concerned with their own mission of success and maintaining their own image that they manipulate people who desire to be radical in their faith.

Here’s a link to my review for Sojourners: When ‘Saving the World’ Hurts.

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