Recommended Reads: Loving Blackjack and Hating the Bible


My posting has slowed as of late, but don’t worry, because there are good reasons.  Not the least of those reasons are that I am working on some longer-term writing projects.  I also have some exciting other pieces in the works that will appear elsewhere (but that I will post information about here).  I will still be posting on my blog with some regularity, but in the meantime, I have two pieces to recommend to you.  It is not often that I directly recommend other pieces on my blog, so you know that when I do, I believe those pieces to say something important in a unique and powerful way.

Today, I want to send you these two pieces by Micah J. Murray, a thoughtful and bold writer (who also happens to be the designer of my blog):

  • Why I Love Blackjack: This post takes you on unexpected, challenging, and incredibly thought-provoking path, especially when Micah observes that that the casino’s red carpet is “the same red carpet as the church I grew up in.”
  • Why I Hate the Bible: I know the title makes you gasp a bit.  But if the mere title makes you think it would be wrong to read it, please ask yourself: What kind of God are you worshiping that can’t handle whatever challenge reading this might bring?  Also, consider Micah’s poignant comparison: “I hate the Bible the way one nearly drowned hates water.” We need water to live, but it also has the power to destroy us.

Read on.  You’ll see some new material from me soon!

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