New Site Welcome and Thank You

Dearest Readers,

I want to take a few moments to introduce you to my new website and to thank some lovely people.  First, a few notes and introductions:

  • My new website address is If you visit the old address, you’ll be automatically directed to the new site.
  • All of my “old” posts have been transferred to the new site, so you can still read them as you please.
  • All of my e-mail subscribers were transferred over, too, so if you were receiving e-mails before, you should be receiving them now.  Don’t they look much cleaner than the old ones??  If you want to start receiving posts by e-mail, you can still do so by signing up using the box on the right hand sign of your screen.
  • I finally categorized my posts (see right hand menu), so if you want to see more posts on a certain topic, you can go to all posts within that category. I had to restrain myself from tagging every post with the “Despair and Hope” category!

Next, a few thank yous (and plugs):

  • Micah J. Murray designed my site (including making all of the above possible!). He’s great at what he does, flexible, and was patient with my random schedule of communication and non-communication. He’s also a writer and blogger, and I highly recommend you explore his thoughtful and courageous writing.
  • Andrea G. Levendusky designed my beautiful header. Whenever someone comments on my new site, they automatically exclaim how much they like the script. She has a blog you can explore, too.
  • Lenora Riley photographed me for my new head shots. The one you see on my site (and any others you will see) are all her work. She is a dear friend and an excellent photographer.

I also want to thank a dear friend who anonymously contributed the rest of the payment that I needed in order to launch my site. She did it completely of her own accord, and even though I managed to figure out who it was, she insisted that it was more of a gift for the people who read and are helped by my writing. I hope it is true that my writing supports and encourages my readers, and I hope this site continues to make that possible.

Lastly, thank you, readers, for taking the time to read and consider what I have to say and for letting me know when it impacts you. Your encouragement means the world to me. The “tagline” for my previous site was “You’re not alone, and I’m not, either.” You have so often proven that statement to me, and I hope I can continue to offer proof to you!


Emily A. Dause


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