Doing “Birthday” Differently

Over the past year or so, I have been doing some thinking (and even some doing) about what it means to live a life that truly seeks to love my neighbor as myself.  An instrumental part of in my thought process was attending the 2013 Justice Conference, an experience I wrote about in my piece, Just Stories (“What does it mean to live not just a story, but a story that is just?”).  At the conference, I learned about many organizations doing incredible work for justice in the lives of others around the world.  One of those organizations was One Day’s Wages, an organization that focuses solely on creative fundraising for organizations already doing excellent work in areas affected by extreme global poverty.

All of that brings me to my point: My birthday is January 9th, eight days from today.  For numerous reasons, some of which I describe in the following link, it’s not usually a positive experience for me.  So, I decided to do something positive, and am partnering with One Day’s Wages to “donate” my birthday to raise funds for their education fund.  My goal is $1,000–a bit ambitious–but, I figured, why not?  If you’re interested in finding out more (or maybe even contributing), here’s the information: Emily A. Dause’s Birthday for a Cause.

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