Recommended Read: “Singled Out: How Churches Can Embrace Unmarried Adults”

This is an extremely well-written piece about the way the church thinks about and interacts with singles (or… doesn’t think about or doesn’t interact with singles).  If you have read anything I have written on the topic, many of the themes will sound familiar to you.  This piece is like several of my pieces, combined, streamlined, and more thoroughly and practically described… so, of course, I want you to read it.  Here’s the link: Singled Out: How Churches Can Embrace Unmarried Adults (by Christena Cleveland).

Some of my own pieces that relate (if you haven’t read them before or would like to revisit them)…

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An Open Letter About Maturity (and Marital Status)

The Isolating Power of Family-Centered Language

Single Scenarios in a Marriage-Obsessed Culture

Unhelpful Things Said to Single People

Topics for Conversations with Single People

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One Response to Recommended Read: “Singled Out: How Churches Can Embrace Unmarried Adults”

  1. josh.lequieu says:

    Indeed a good read. Thanks for sending this along.

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