My Counseling Story (The Well)

I wrote a new version of my piece about my counseling experience for Intervarsity’s “The Well,” a publication for professional and grad student women.  The version is special to me, and I love that The Well’s editor had the idea to pair my piece with a piece by therapist Dr. Kim Eckert.  Dr. Eckert’s piece gives a counselor’s perspective on seeking counsel and the process of therapy.  You can read my piece here:  A Counseling Story: How Therapy Helps and Dr. Eckert’s piece here: Walking with You to Hope: A Therapist’s View.

My original pieces about my “complete package” (my doctor, my pastor, and my counselor) can be found by following these links:

The Complete Package: The Doctor

The Complete Package: The Pastor

The Complete Package: The Counselor

Being Christ’s Presence (P.S. to The Complete Package)

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