“Our Idolatry of Marriage” post on RELEVANT

RELEVANT Magazine is a magazine for Christian young adults (twenty- and thirty- somethings).  I recently submitted my previous post, “Our Idolatry of Marriage,” for use on their website.  They posted an edited version under the title, “Debunking 3 Marriage Myths.”  Check it out… and while you’re there, I bet you’ll find some other articles that interest you!

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One Response to “Our Idolatry of Marriage” post on RELEVANT

  1. Akirah says:

    Great post! I really liked it. I once idolized marriage, to the point where I remained in an abusive relationship for four years. Years later, I appreciate my husband…he is a good man…but recognize that our marriage is a source of beauty and stress, like every other area of my life. Thanks for the reminder…I hope many other single people read and savor your message.

    Akirah @ akirahrobinson.com

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