“Me Party”: Having Fun By Yourself

This is definitely the silliest post I’ve written, and possibly the silliest I’ll ever write… but I hope you’ll enjoy it, whether or not you connect with it.  At any rate, here goes.

I am really good at having fun by myself.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I fall quite solidly on the introvert side of the continuum… or maybe it has to do with my eager imagination.  Whatever the reason, because life at this point involves quite a bit of time by myself, I’m grateful I have the ability to have fun even if there’s no one around to have fun with me.  I’m hoping if I tell you a little bit about it will spark some fun for you the next time you’re by yourself (whether it’s time you’ve sought out or time you tend to have in abundance).

I took the “me party” phrase from a song from the most recent Muppets movie. I love this song–and not just because I like Amy Adams (Miss Piggy’s not bad, either)… or because I have fond memories attached to singing it over and over and over again with my darling niece.  It’s cute and clever, but mostly, it’s just about having fun by yourself.  Click below to watch it.  Just a warning–you may get it stuck in your head…

Haha… “Haven’t I seen me here before?”  Makes me laugh every time.

Anyway, “Me parties” aren’t just alone time or relaxing (both of those are great, too).  Me parties crazy all-out fun.  They’re parties.  Mine usually involve me dancing around my kitchen.  To explain this concept a little more, let me borrow some lines from the song…

  • “I’m having a me party… I don’t need nobody else!”  It’s true… you don’t need anyone else to have a me party.  Just like you don’t need anyone else when you’re singing in the shower or in the car.  Whether you typically like to spend time by yourself or not, you’re quite capable of entertaining yourself… and you can do that however you want, because it’s just you.
  • “There’s no one at this party that I don’t already know.”  In other words… you’re the only one there… you can do or be whatever you want without having to please other people or worrying about what they think.
  • “Tonight I’m gonna celebrate with just the one of us.”  You can celebrate things by yourself… of course it’s great to do so with other people, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen, and you don’t have to let being by yourself stop you.

Although I said this post was silly–and it is–I’m still serious in suggesting the “me party” idea.  Nobody can throw a party how you like it the way you can, and sometimes we all need to go a little crazy without fear of repercussion.  Remember… the best part of it is… “what happens at a me party, stays at a me party!”

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