Slivers of Hope

On my first run after the leaves started falling this past October, I felt as though I’d found a sliver of hope for the first time in a long time.  I imagined the sliver as a broken shard of a mirror, a shard which could only reflect what it found in its narrow space.  I felt a part of me awaken as if having recognized an old friend.  At the same time, I was cautious, because the edges of the shard were sharp and dangerous.  I knew too well the spiritual and emotional pain and bloodshed that came from holding its edges too tightly.

I’m not exactly sure what happened to that particular sliver–perhaps this blog will be an attempt to find it and other pieces.  My purpose in writing for my audience–whomever you turn out to be–is to share what I’ve learned and am learning as a young, single, independent Christian woman.  Some of my thoughts will be practical, some more contemplative; some will be challenging, others encouraging.  But whether you qualify as any of the above (young or single or independent or Christian or a woman) or none of the above, my desire is something I share will help you, and, even just for a moment, remind you that you are not alone.  In the process, I seek to remind myself, as well.

Just remember, hope is dangerous.  It carries with it the risk of disappointment, even despair.  The greater the hope, the greater the risk.  But there is no way to separate hope and risk… and there is no other way to truly engage life without accepting both.

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